• Any animal that is hit is considered a kill. That hunt is over and considered successful. We will make every reasonable effort to retrieve all animals.
  • If you plan on hunting with a muzzle loader, please let us know. Manitoba requires a barrel to be a minimum .50 caliber to hunt Black Bears.
  • Hunter Safety certificate (it is now a law in MB that hunters carry them while hunting). For more details on Hunter Safety requirements and exemptions for your Manitoba Black Bear hunt please visit: http://www.gov.mb.ca/conservation/wildlife/hunting/ hunteredu.html
  • We have a size restriction on our colour phase bears. We will explain how to judge the size of bears by the height that they stand against a barrel. This will help you to recognize your trophy black bear when you see it and help make sure you don’t experience the ground shrinkage that black bears are known for. We don’t want color phase bears shot that are under 6 foot nose to tail. Many of these bears are actively breeding females and they will stay in that size bracket until they are 10 – 15 years old. These females are what makes our area so great to hunt and we must work together to protect them and keep that gene pool alive. A male will hit the six foot mark a round 4½ years of age and a six foot color bear is a very respectable trophy.

Failure to follow: There will be a $1000.00 fee for any colour phase bear harvested that does not reach the 6′ minimum size restriction. Hunters will be required to give a credit card number as soon as a questionable sized black bear is brought to camp.